The Application of Holographic Projection During Stage Performances

Issuing time:2020-07-30 23:32

In recent years, holographic projection technology has achieved rapid breakthroughs, and 3D stereoscopic image effects have become increasingly realistic. It is now widely used in various industries.

In the second season of “Sound on the Scene”, a well known variety show created by Hunan Satellite TV, holographic projection is used to create new stage effects. The creation of an immersive stage, equipped with three-dimensional projection, greatly increased the show’s viewer ratings –leading the audience to describe the show as “immersive on the scene” instead of just “sounding on the scene”.

In order to create the effects needed for the show, the program team used ice screens, gauze screens, and nakedeye 3D holographic projection. Through the meticulous coordination of lighting and stage beauty, the audience was able to experience the synthesis of reality and fantasy.


Nakedeye 3D holographic projection replaces bulky physical screens used in the past, and creates an interactive stage that allows the audience to immerse and express themselves.

The stage becomes an extension of the creation. All the new upgrades of content and hardware used for the new season of “Sound on the Scene 2” allows for the creation of new content and the perfect audience experience.

The diversified audition system constructed by an allaround immersive stage is refreshing and brings unexpected surprises.

For stage design and presentation, advanced technologies such as ice screens, gauze screens, and holographic projection lights were used to create an effect that presents the stage as more “circular” and “wrapped”.

The audience can enjoy the fusion of expression brought by sound and light in a relatively controlled environment –allowing them to wander freely between reality and fantasy.

Music has a life of its own, so naturally, songs should be brought to life, and 3D holographic projection allows for just that. Compared to a traditional stage, a holographic projection stage allows for music to touch people in all aspects.


Through the display of 3D holographic projection, more people can appreciate and understand music. They can even learn about the different functions of music or even compose a new music pattern for songs.

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