Holographic Projection Creates Exciting 3D images

Issuing time:2020-07-30 23:33

Holographic projection, with its extremely realistic 3D images, is now the most popular multimedia projection technology on the market. The numerous and growing applications of holographic projection in a variety of industries has been loved by consumers.

Holographic projection technology is a form of 3D technology that originally referred to a form of technology that used the principle of interference to record and reproduce true three-dimensional images of an object. However, with the emergence and guidance of science fiction films and commercial publicity, the concept of holographic projection gradually extended to commercial activities such as stage performances and exhibitions.


Application advantages of holographic projection:

1. The biggest advantage of holographic projection is its ability to produce a three-dimensional stereoscopic display effect visible to the naked eye. This special virtual imaging method removes the need for special viewing apparatus (i.e. 3D glasses) and provides a more intuitive and clearer image on a presentation screen.

2. The holographic projection screen has bright colors and greatly increased contrast and sharpness.

3. Holographic projection technology also creates a strong sense of interactive three-dimensionality that immerses people in virtual image and provides them with a wonderful combination of the virtual world and reality.

4. Free from any space and site restrictions, holographic projection can produce images in midair that combine the real and the illusory to create a strong, immersive virtual experience.

5. Holographic projection display methods are varied and include 180-degree, 270-degree, 360degree holographic projection, phantom imaging, holographic interactive projection, holographic mirror, holographic windows, etc. Each display method has its own characteristics and positioning with stunning display effects and themes.


Different application environments & Different application values:

1. Protection of Cultural Heritage

Precious cultural relics and artworks hold irreproducible historical and cultural significance. Some pieces may have oxidized over time due to constant exposure to air. Holographic projection technology can prevent this by creating a way to exhibit work through a 3D image without causing damage or destruction to the original object.

2. Convenient and Fast

Holographic projection technology can display a product three-dimensionally in the air through a holographic display cabinet. This allows the audience to view and interact with the object at 360 degrees in a safe and convenient manner without missing any details.

3. Virtual Reality with Strong Stereo Sound

Holographic projection technology is widely used in various industries because it can display objects and scenes realistically and three-dimensionally. Whether in a banquet hall, KTV, bar, exhibition, conference, or projection scene, the object or scene being displayed through holographic projection is stunningly realistic.

As the most popular multimedia projection technology in the 21st century, 3D holographic projection is widely used to bring people an unprecedented wonderful visual experience –a testament to the wonderful creations brought about by technological progress.  

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