Increased Application of 3D Projection in Various Industries

Issuing time:2020-07-30 23:35

With the continuous improvement of imaging technology and projection equipment, traditional flat screen projection cannot keep up with current trends, and is gradually being eliminated by the market. Among all the hot new projection applications on the market, 3D projection is undoubtedly one of the best. This unique image display method works in tandem with sound effects and creates an incredible audiovisual experience.

3D holographic projection is different from generic projection methods. This form of projection is capable of projecting three dimensional images visible to the naked eye.   


What is 3D holographic projection?

1. 3D holographic projection is a new generation of digital display technology with unparalleled advantages over other projection technologies (i.e. the ability to display clear images without the use of extra apparatus such as 3D glasses).

2. Holographic projection technology not only breaks through traditional 3D sound, light, and space control, but also creates a display effect that is stunning with clear images that are bright in color, contrast, and sharpness.

3. 3D holographic projection provides incredible stereoscopic projection and creates phantom imaging that bridges the virtual and real world for viewers. Unlike traditional 3D imaging technology, holographic projection can be viewed in 360 degrees with just the naked eye.

4. Holographic projection also allows for flexible application in a variety of locations. Images can be displayed and projected at 360 or 270 degree angles with holographic projection, phantom imaging, mirror holographic, single-sided holographic, holographic windows, etc.

5. 3D holographic projection brings people a brand-new experience with a brand-new display method that allows viewers to see clear virtual images without the usage of personal visual apparatus.


The applications and prevalence of 3D projection have grown exponentially within popular culture. For example, the recent Jay Chou concert used 3D projection to create a duet performance with Teresa Teng that was very well received by the audience.

The application of 3D projections has also extended to weddings, stages, hotels, restaurants, enterprises, exhibitions, museums, exhibition halls, annual meetings, and many other venues.

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